Sunday, February 26, 2017

Banksy The Phenomena

What is art? Some people identify art as something aesthetically pleasing that often carries expression of a unique artistic visual language or an impactful opinion on social or political issues. Art is a vehicle of our society, it screams for our needs in order to get noticed. In fact, not only artists whose paintings hang in the galleries deserve special attention, but the street-art paintings, often time, are equally informative and appealing. 
Banksy for the TIME magazine in 2010
In 1900s, when the world underwent economic convulsions rapidly moving into the new century, self-expression was a key element of our society, therefore the street-art became extremely popular. Due to the extreme progression of the street-art's popularity, it was significantly hard to stand out of the sea of the extraordinary visual artists, however one managed to be noticed for sure. 
Since 1900s, Banksy has been a phenomena that used to describe a unique artist who would never reveal his authentic identity. When the TIME magazine, in 2010, regarded him as one of the top hundred influential people in the world, he took a picture wearing a brown recycling bag covering his head. Banksy paints our society with with a sense of wit and metaphors, revealing the aspects that no one would manage to say out loud. He crosses the barriers of pleasing visualizations, he voices his opinion through his spray-paint creations which influence the opinions of our society. 
I like his artwork because it shows the truth about the world; plus, it is open for the audience anytime, street is his personal gallery that is open for the public. He proves that the abstract social boundaries are irrelevant by painting where he can get noticed and portraying what others can't say.
His style tends to be bold and distinct for the audience to undoubtedly decipher that this work is made by Banksy. His vision is fresh, quirky and often surrealistic, therefore it is easy for him to attract and conquer the hearts of the public. Banksy utilizes dark humor and irony to reduce complex abstractions and diminish them to something clear and simple but covered with active imagination. 
A Bombhugger by Banksy
My favorite Banksy's artwork is  "A Bombhugger" that shows a little girl holding a bomb in her warm embracement. To me, this work shows how war, or the symbol of war, the bomb, disregards the generation boundaries and attracts the social violence which ultimately becomes acceptable. In his message, Banksy supposedly shows that war becomes really prevalent, so people nod in agreement and even embrace the fact that there is a constant war is the world. To me, this message proves that Banksy conveys his voice by choosing a simple and clear way, a juxtaposition - a child who's hugging an instrument of destruction, a bomb. 
To conclude, I believe that art has power and the artists, like Banksy, prove that art is indeed a vehicle of the modern society that portrays our social and political issues in a way of an influential social commentary. I adore street-art and Banksy's work, and hope that, one day, I will get lucky enough to contemplate his artwork my self. 

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